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Seawall, Bulkhead, and Retaining Wall Rehabilitation

The natural forces of marine environments wear down bulkheads and seawalls over time, forcing repairs. Earthwise Marine will rehabilitate your marine wall using the best materials and processes for your individual circumstances.


Environmentally Friendly Soil Stabilization

Injection of our environmentally friendly poly materials can revive old structures, stabilize surrounding soil, and rehabilitate structural areas for less cost than new construction, with low social impact solutions.  

New Seawalls, Bulkheads, and Retaining Walls


The time comes when a marine structure reaches the end of its designed lifespan. Earthwise Marine will inspect and evaluate your project and provide the best, most cost-effective, solution.

Structural Health Check

Due to the natural forces of marine environments and the life-cycles of the different types of existing walls, sometimes the only option from engineering is to replace.


Seawall & Bulkhead Repair

Poly Grout Injection

Engineered to the most stringent environmental standards, Earthwise products are cutting edge and safe in diverse applications from wildlife habitats to drinking water.

Soil Stabilization

Structural integrity is for the protection of all that will inhabit that space. Soil stabilization can play an important role, ensuring proper foundation support.

Helical Piles and Tiebacks

These support structures are deployed in rehabilitation of damaged or weathered walls for a resilient structure that’s stronger with a much longer lifespan. 


Seawall & Bulkhead New Construction

Drain Systems

Drain systems are ideal for dewatering seawalls and retaining walls composed of sheet piling. A perfect solution for groundwater outflow while shutting down inflows.

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Waterproofing and proper drainage significantly extend the lifespan of seawalls, bulkheads, and other marine structures. Earthwise products are environmentally sound.

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New Seawall Construction

Earthwise Marine can build your new or replacement bulkhead with our design team and engineers using exacting standards and advanced products and processes.

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